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Benefits of online coaching

Via online coaching, you can learn acrobatics in a more supervised way than if you were completely autonomous. Feedback and corrections can sometimes prevent bad habits in the placement of hands or in landing for example. Even if the processes that I propose in the online course are very detailed, the presence of a coach is not replaceable, at least at the beginning of your practice.

It took me a while to integrate certain understandings in terms of hand placement or body positioning. With online coaching you will benefit from my personal experience in a more direct way and you will be able to lean on very specific advice depending on your situation and where you are blocked.

The commitment to a coach who also expects the student some investments makes your practice more structured. It is sometimes easier at first to be accountable to an outside person than to yourself. Working with someone allows in the beginning of your practice to build your own future autonomy.

How is it going ?

First, we specify your expectations, needs and desires and analyze your current situation. If your level allows it, we can work specifically on the more advanced acrobatics you want. If you are a beginner, we will start with the simplest movement which will give you solid foundations for more advanced skills.

The exchanges are only done on WhatsApp.

The, you will receive a program with links that redirect you to exercise videos. It is best to focus on three skill per month to maximize progression. Ideally, you can practice at least twice a week. In the program, I will also offer you a standard warm-up as well as mobility exercises specific to acrobatics for the end of your session.

During your practice, you will have to film some of your repetitions and send it to me once your session is over. I will send you the corrections and feedback that you will have time to think about before your next session.

I stay available if you need some additional specific exercises during your month of coaching or help in order to move forward on the next progression before the next month of coaching.

Terms of engagement and payment

Individualized program is renewed each month. The subscription is non-binding and you can stop it at any time.