Méia Lua – Step 2

Méia Lua Step 2 – Instructions

Same instructions as in the previous step except that:

  1. When the back leg (left in the video) has reached its limit, perform a small jump.
  2. Make sure to keep both legs wide apart.
  3. The leg stayed on the ground (right in the video) jumps and lands outside the starting axis.
  4. Imagine that your body has to move around a circle that surrounds your support arm.
  5. The kick leg (left in the video) must land well behind.
  6. Once placed on the ground, the other leg (right in the video) sweeps in front of it in order to close the rotation (wath carefully at the end).

Previous instructions :

  1. Imagine two parallel lines: a line where your feet will be placed and a line where your hands will be placed.
  2. Make a semi-circle with your body in order to place the foot (the right in the video) in front of your other foot on a line (as in the video).
  3. Place both hands on the line above diagonally with your feet.
  4. Raise your back leg (left in the video) and move it so that it finds the starting line at the end.
  5. Pivot on your second foot (right in the video) that stays on the ground.
  6. The foot stayed on the ground (right in the video) moves a little bit in order to let the body turn.
  7. The leg in (left in the video) the air stays well extended.