Méia Lua – Step 4

Méia Lua Step 4 – Instructions

Same instructions as in the previous step except that:

  1. During the jump and when you have started the rotation, break your pelvis in order to create an arch between the first leg placed on the ground (right leg in the video) and your upper body.
  2. To perform the break of the pelvis. Imagine that you have to arrive with the flat of your right foot on the ground. Your feet must point outwards (on the right on the video).
  3. The leg which kicks (left in the video) land next to the foot already on the ground.
  4. The time between the landing of both feet is short.
  5. Once both feet are on the ground, the pelvis is high and raised, hold the position for a few seconds.
  6. The shoulder is always in a high position and well contracted.

Previous instructions :

  1. When your first leg (right in the video) touches the ground, bend it slightly in order to lower your pelvis a little bit.
  2. Keep the shoulder in a high position and well contracted.
  3. Slightly bend the elbow.
  4. The leg (left in the video) which kicked stays extended before it lands on the ground far enough behind so that your two knees are well apart.