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Learn Softacrobatics easily and at your own pace

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Do you recognize one of these 5 scenarios?

You are stuck in your Softacrobatics learning because you practice without relying on a real method.

You are frustrated by regularly seeing Softacrobatics moves on social media that inspire you because you don't know where to start.

You are over 25 years old and feel that your body is becoming stiffer over time.

You feel disconnected from your body, with increasing heaviness, stiffness, and loss of mobility year after year.

You struggle to stay motivated and engaged in traditional exercise routines.

The Mindful Acro Method

Learn Softacrobatics easily and at your own pace.

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What are Softacrobatics?

Softacrobatics are movements that are performed on the hands with smoothness and control.

They are enjoyable to practice and develop your body's mobility and elasticity.

They primarily come from capoeira, circus arts, and dance.

Benefits of this method

  • You will develop a body that is more mobile, elastic, and explosive.
  • You will enjoy your daily life more in a mobile and relaxed body.
  • You will save time by accessing information I have collected over several years.
  • You will feel your body opening up to new possibilities.
  • You will have fun practicing Softacrobatics.
  • You will unlock movements that were inaccessible to you when you practiced without a method.

What's included in the course

This course offers you the opportunity to learn Softacrobatics in a progressive and safe manner, even as a beginner adult.


In this module, I have prepared all the information and documents you need to start practicing in an organized manner. You will have the opportunity to follow ready-to-use programs based on your level or create your own program using various tools (method, planning).

Time spent collecting this information: 5 years

In this module, I have broken down the learning of 12 Softacrobatics into several steps for you.

Softacrobatics covered: Cartwheel, Chapéu de Couro, Aú de Frente, Macaco, Macaco Em Pe, Monkey Swing, Méia Lua, Monkey Tziga, Aú Reversao, Swheel, Aú Helicoptero.

Time spent collecting this information: 2 years

In this module, you will learn a method to start improvising sequences using 5 transition movements. This learning is divided into three stages: isolation, integration, improvisation.

I have prepared 10 mini-sequences of movements that you can use as examples for your flows.

Time spent collecting this information: +1 year

It is important to have a good handstand base for Softacrobatics. In this module, you will learn the protocol that I followed rigorously to achieve 60 seconds of handstand. Your goal will be 30 seconds.

The protocol is divided into 6 phases.

In this module, I will show you a protocol to practice 2 to 3 times a week to relax and release accumulated tension from your daily life and physical practice. The exercises focus on sensitive areas prone to stress accumulation: the diaphragm, transverse, perineum, and spine.

This practice helps you recover better and reconnect with your sensations.

Time spent collecting this information: 3 years

In this module, I present 10 different exercises aimed at mainly developing hip and shoulder mobility. To achieve a beautiful “Arch” in your posterior chain during your acrobatics, you need a minimum of mobility in your hips and shoulders.

With a precise method, I will show you how to gradually and gently develop your mobility.

I also present in this module a secret and simple exercise that helped me quickly unlock complex movements like the Macaco Em Pe or Aú Helicoptero.

Time spent collecting this information: 3 years

In this module, I present exercises to strengthen your joints to reduce the risk of injuries during your Softacrobatics learning.

These are exercises I learned from Ido Portal during his Corset workshop. I have selected the exercises that seemed most effective for strengthening your neck, wrists, shoulders, knees, ankles, and certain muscles around your spine.

In this module, I share my reflections (8 articles) as a practitioner and psychologist on the right mindset to cultivate to stay consistent in your learning.

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My Method

Each acrobatic move is rigorously divided to make the learning process progressive and effective. The originality of my method is that I will show you all the intermediate steps between the big milestones of a movement.

The method is built on my own experience as a practitioner. I share a lot of tips/advice on shoulder, hand, or leg placement that have helped me unlock the movements.

What do my students say?

Great work with Mindful Acro. Each movement is approached in a very progressive and logical manner, allowing mastery of each progression before moving on to the next. I am also in coaching with Steven; he is very available and responsive and gives constructive feedback after each session. The numerous exchanges with him are very valuable for improving movements and maintaining motivation. I recommend.

Edouard C.
Mindful Acro Student

The first thing I appreciated was the way the course is organized. It's great because you have an exact protocol to follow with repetitions, sets, and rest times. I appreciate that the information is easy to understand. You have a solid process to follow and I assure you that you will get results.

Clément L.
Mindful Acro Student

The online course is very understandable and I like the progress interface.
The PDFs are clean, the explanations clear, and the videos very helpful.
I found the online learning platform more enjoyable on a computer than on a phone.

Floran C.
Mindful Acro Student


Passionate about Softacrobatics for several years, I decided through Mindfulacro to share a complete method to learn Softacrobatics easily and at your own pace.

I am happy to share in this course all the knowledge I have accumulated as a practitioner over the past years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just send an email to, and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

This will depend on the time dedicated to training, but with two sessions per week, it is quite possible to progress quickly on certain movements if you are consistent :)

In the online course, you will have access to a PDF that will help you build your own program based on your starting level.

No, absolutely not :)

The course is designed for beginner adults who have never been on their hands. For each movement, I offer the most basic progressions, accessible to everyone with a little training.

In the course, you will find very basic Softacrobatics like the Cartwheel or the Chapéu de Couro. They are closer to the ground or less impressive but just as fun to practice.

Once you have purchased this course, access is unlimited. There are no additional payments, and you will have access to all future updates.

Mindful Acro Method


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  • Unlimited Access
  • 12 Softacrobatics broken down (+120 videos)
  • 1 Body Relaxation Protocol
  • 1 Module to create your own sequences
  • 1 Module to achieve 30 seconds of Handstand
  • 1 Module to become more mobile (10 exercises)
  • 1 Module to prepare your body for Softacrobatics (16 videos)
  • 8 articles to adopt the right mindset and stay consistent
  • 3 PDFs to organize your practice
  • 3 Ready-made Programs
  • Access to updates
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