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Mindful Acro Method

Develop physical freedom and mental endurance in learning Softacrobatics from a very structured method.

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All these solutions concentrated in my method

The Mindfulacro Method

1) You will practice Softacrobatics and a somatic protocol regularly.
2) You will rely on a Softacrobatics practice to develop a sense of self-efficacy and develeop mental endurance in committing in your practice. For that, you will also reflect on the right mindset to adopt.
3) You will find protocols and programs already written that are just waiting to be followed rigorously and consistently.

What are Softacrobatics ?

Softacrobatics are acrobatics with a light momentum, small rotation/inversion and soft landing.

They are light and have less impact on the body than flips for example.

They come mainly from capoeira (regional form) and circus arts.

What's included in the course ?

This course offers you to learn Softacrobatics in a progressive and safe way even as an adult begginer.


Complete softacrobatics tutorials
(+100 videos of different steps)


Somatic protocol
to release tensions and optimize performances


Articles to adopt the right mindset and reflect on your psychological mechanisms



Softacrobatics Flow module where you will learn to improvize sequences



Handstand protocol
to develop 30 sec of handstand
(6 phases of 6 weeks)



Mobility module
to develop openings in your body
(+10 drills including a secret one)



Prehab module
to reinforce your weak points
(16 drills)


PDFs content to organize
your practice


ready programs that are just waiting to be followed rigorously

Table of content

What are the benefits of this method?

  • You will develop a more alive, light, mobile, elastic and explosive body.
  • You will better enjoy your daily life in a body that is more alive and relieved of tension.
  • You will gain time by having access to informations that I spent years collecting and experimenting with.
  • You will observe in front of your eyes your body adapting and unlocking new openings.
  • You will have lots of fun practicing Softacrobatics.
  • You will get to know yourself better and regain confidence in your ability to achieve your goals.
  • Trusting a process for Softacrobatics will give you insights into what can be done in others areas of your life.
  • You will develop a feeling of self-efficacy.
  • You will regain personal power.

How do I teach Softacrobatics ?

Each movement is rigorously split in a way to make the learning progressive and secure and to keep a feeling of personal efficiency.

The method is built on my own experience in the learning of these skills and it shares many insights as little hacks/tips on shoulders, hands or legs placement.

Finally, many tutorials do not detail enough what happens between the important stages of learning an acrobatic movement. The originality of this course is that it presents various steps between big milestones.

What do students say?

Very good work with Mindful Acro. Each movement is approached in a very progressive and logical way, which allows you to master each progression before moving on to the next. I am also in coaching with Steven and he is very available and responsive and gives constructive feedback after each session. The many exchanges with him are very valuable to improve his movements and maintain his motivation. I recommend.

Edouard C.
Mindful Acro student

I just wanted to give my feedback about Mindful Acro Online program. The first thing that I enjoyed is the way it is organized. It's really good because, you have an exact protocol to follow with reps, sets and rests. I just loved also the design of the website. I enjoy the fact that the information is easily digestable. Really, You have a strong processs to follow and I assure you that you will get results.

Clément L.
Mindful Acro student

The online course is very understandable and I like the progress interface.
The pdfs are clean, the explanations too and the videos very useful.
I found the e-learning plateform on the computer more enjoyable than on the phone.

Floran C.
Mindful Acro student

Who am I ?

Hi, my name is Steven !

Passionate about Softacrobatics for a few years and as a clinical psychologist, I decided through Mindfulacro to share a method which combine physical practices with an introspective practice on his psychological mechanisms.

I am happy to share with you through this course all the knowledge that I have accumulated and my thoughts on the development of an alive body and a powerful mindset.

How does the e-learning plateform look like?

Examples of PDF content

Softacrobatics Skill Tree

Training Planification

Create your own program

3 Ready Programs


Some of the commonly asked and anticipated questions

Just send an e-mail to, and I will answer to you as soon as possible!

It depends on your background and the time that you give to your practice. With each move in this course, some kind of consistency is required.

The more time per week you can commit to training and recovering, the faster you should progress but not falses promises : acrobatics work takes time, patience and dedication to be mastered. For some moves, the final regression can be attain after one year of consistency work.

We cover training frequency in a PDF that will help you to build your own program depending on where you start in the process.

No way! The purpose is to give you the tools to develop and assist your own softacrobatics journey even as an adult. This means to respect all the baby step in the process. With a good warm-up, you will be able to perform some very basic regressions of acrobatics, more near to the ground yes, but still enjoyable.

Once you have bought this course, there are no further payments, and you get access to all future updates.

Mindful Acro Method Content
Mindful Acro Method instructions
Softacrobatics Skill Tree
Design your own program
2 topics
Ready programs
3 topics
Softacrobatics Module
6 topics
Chapéu de Couro
5 topics
5 topics
9 topics
Aú de Frente
12 topics
Monkey Swing
9 topics
Macaco Em Pe
12 topics
Méia Lua
8 topics
Monkey Tziga
5 topics
Aú Reversao
11 topics
7 topics
Aú Helicoptero
11 topics
Beginner Flow Module
Phase 1 - Isolation
Phase 2 - Integration
Phase 3 - Improvisation
Isolated Movements
10 topics
10 topics
Handstand Module
Handstand - Protocol
6 topics
Handstand - Exercises and drills
15 topics
Mobility Module
Secret Mobility Drill
3 topics
Mobility Drills
9 topics
Prehab Module
Prehab Drills
16 topics
Reflections on practice and Psychology
Theoretical content
8 topics

Mindful Acro Method


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  • Lifetime access
  • 12 Softacrobatics detailed protocols
  • 1 Somatic protocol
  • 1 Softacrobatics Flow module
  • 1 Handstand module
  • 1 Mobility module
  • 1 Prehab module
  • 8 Articles on psychology
  • 3 PDFs to organize your practice
  • 3 ready programs
  • All future updates
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