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About the creator of Mindfulacro

Passionate about acrobatics for a few years and as a psychologist, I decided through Mindfulacro to share precise learning processes based also on psychological mechanisms associated to learning.

For a very long time, I have been attracted by technical, explosive and even aerial movements. As a teenager, I discovered parkour and freerunning with a group of friends and it was immediately an extraordinary meeting. The sensations that parkour brought and the feeling of freedom it gave were crazy. Since then, I have searched through other practices some sensations that come close to it. I then learned about breaking as well as capoeira angola to commit myself later to a more generalist approach to movement under the guidance of Movement Practice Paris. It was during this period that I came to structure my practice more around softacrobatics after having been introduced to it during a workshop with Martin Fiasche. I then practiced under the guidance of Lucas Piedras for a few months before continuing to practice independently.

Over time, the idea of combining my interest to psychic mechanisms present in learning acrobatics skill has matured enough in me to offer you this project. Mindful Acro is therefore an online acrobatics school with a process-oriented approach which invites you to remain attentive to your state of mind and your mental resistance in the learning process.


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