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start learning by myself

Try the « Mindful Acro Method » and start to learn very progressively Softacrobatics with a process oriented approach.

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be supported in my learning

Start an online coaching with me. I will prepare you a personalized program according to your level and your desires of work on specific moves.

I want to

reflect on my practice

Visit my Instagram page to think about your general or acrobatic practice from a psychological perspective. You will also find content on others topics.

About the creator of Mindfulacro

« Passionate about acrobatics for a few years and as a psychologist, I decided through Mindfulacro to share precise learning processes based also on psychological mechanisms associated with learning. »


Your acrobatics coach

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Online Course

Try the Mindful Method Acro to start developping an elastic body and mental endurance in learning Softacrobatics.

  • 12 Softacrobatic Protocols
  • 1 Somatic Protocol
  • 1 Beginner Flow Module
  • 8 Psychology Articles
  • 1 Handstand Module
  • 1 Mobility Module
  • 1 Prehab Module
  • All future updates
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