Cartwheel – Step 1

Cartwheel Step 1 – Instructions

  1. First, get into a squat position.
  2. Place the first hand close to you while extending your first leg (right in the video).
  3. Then place the second hand far ahead.
  4. The gap between the hands is more important than the width of your shoulders.
  5. Kick with your first leg (right in the video) to form a split between your two legs. If you have to stop in the middle of the movement, you should end up in a split position with both hands on the ground.
  6. Once the first leg (right in the video) is on the ground. Be sure to stabilize it firmly in the ground.
  7. Sweep the second leg which stays straight (left in the video).
  8. The second leg (left in the video) goes far on the line.
  9. Stand up with control pushing yourself up on your hands and especially on the second hand (right in the video).
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