Go down assisted – Step 1

Go down assisted – Step 1 – Instructions

Equipment needed : a ring strap or rope that is suspended from a bar or a branch.

  1. If you want to work on your right side:
  2. Grab your strap with your left hand.
  3. Take a first step with your left leg.
  4. Place your right foot forward and turn it outward.
  5. Put weight on your right leg by bending it to begin the go down.
  6. Put weight on the strap so that you can go down and work on the strength of your supporting leg (right in the video)
  7. Place your right arm on the ground.
  8. Drop weight on your strap to transfer the weight to your support leg.
  9. Your second leg stays in the air.
  10. Bring the second leg to the ground behind the other in order to get up in pulling on the strap.
  11. 10 reps / each side x 3 sets
  12. 90 sec of rest between sets

Purpose of this drill

  • To create enough strength in the supporting leg of the Macaco Em Pe or the landing leg of the Au de frente.
  • You can also perform this exercise by reversing the legs in order to work the landing leg of the Trezando and the landing leg of the Au Helicoptero.
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