Cartwheel – Step 4

Cartwheel Step 4 – Instructions

Same instructions as in the previous step except that you do the exercise and the cartwheel with more height.

Previous instructions :

  1. Put both hands down and keep your arms straight.
  2. Stabilize yourself in the position and raise the outside leg (right in the video). It remains straight.
  3. Kick that leg (right in the video) up to create a gap between your legs. In parallel, perform a small jump with the other leg (left in the video).
  4. With inertia, the last leg (left in the video) must follow.
  5. Land gently with your first leg.
  6. Keep the second leg straight and try to keep it in the air.
  7. The second leg (right in the video) must not touch the ground.
  8. It must remain straght in order to be kicked again in performing the movement in the opposite direction.
  9. Do 3 repetitions on each side in a controlled manner.
  10. Then, try to do a cartwheel with the same height of the first exercise of this video.
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